Cass Funeral Homes provide a wide variety of services, tailored to the needs and wishes of each family that we serve. From the simplest cremation service, to the more traditional style funeral, including visitation followed by a casket interment, Cass funeral Homes has been a trusted source of comfort for almost 100 years. To better suit the needs and preferences of every family, numerous combinations of services are now available which weren’t previously offered. An example of this, is that we can now offer a traditional funeral, including visitation followed by a religious service, provide an overnight cremation service, and have the cremated remains prepared for burial the following day.

We encourage families to personalize funeral arrangements to better commemorate the life of the deceased, and our mission is to assist in any way that will help make this difficult time, just a little easier. Our basic services include;


Consultation with the family to coordinate all aspects of the funeral, including; contacting clergy and cemetery personnel, drafting newspaper and media announcements, coordination of the transfer of the deceased from the place of death, arranging for flowers, scheduling of a reception following the funeral, scheduling of funeral vehicles, notification and scheduling of fraternity ceremonies, social clubs and affiliations that the deceased was a member of, staff member on call 24/7, general maintenance of the facilities, grounds and equipment. Visitation attendant during visiting hours, parking lot attendant when required, processing of memorial donations, arranging of flowers. Scheduling for staff on the day of the funeral, vehicles and staff to prepare the cemetery cribbing and lowering device etc.. 


Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to our facility (Mileage applies over 50 km.)


Preparation of the deceased,including restorative and preservative procedures, cosmetics and hairdressing, as well as disinfection, cleansing, dressing and casketing, carried out within our modern, Government approved laboratory.

The use of the funeral home for visitation. Based on a hourly rate, calculated to include allowances for the payment of taxes, insurance, utilities, advertising, promotions and general maintenance, coffee lounge supplies, parking lot maintenance and expenses (snow removal/grass cutting), telephone, sound system, and other specialized systems as required. The use of the funeral home and chapel is charged to the estate according to the number of hours of visitation requested by the family. Setting-up and/or visitation in a local church is also offered. A lower rate is charged when the visitation takes place outside our own facilities, and is calculated to include allowances  for insurance, the transfer of all necessary equipment to the chapel/church, arranging for all custodians, organists/soloist, receptions, parking facilities and one of our staff members to be present at all times.


Use of the preparation room equipment, chemicals and sundries, maintenance supplies, hazardous waste disposal, specialized equipment, sanitation of preparation room, compliance with all government standards for the shelter and storage of remains.


Completion of all documents required by law to acquire permission for burial or cremation and maintaining necessary records for clients' future use. Preparing contracts, correspondence, invoices, and completing register books and memorial cards.  On behalf of the family we also send in the cancellation of GST refund and advise Health and Welfare Canada.


To include guest register, thank-you acknowledgement cards, pallbearer thank-you cards, sign board display and AFTERLOSS grief recovery program.


LEAD CAR/UTILITY: driving clergy when necessary to cemetery for interments and leading the funeral procession. The utility or service vehicle is used primarily to transfer the deceased from place of death and to transport the cemetery lowering device.

FUNERAL COACH/SERVICE VEHICLE: transferring the casket to the church or cemetery.