Just as making a will or making arrangements for a life insurance policy, prearranging a funeral is an essential part of estate planning. By pre-arranging a funeral, the client will have answered many questions which otherwise would make it necessary for the family to make many difficult decisions. Every person making arrangements wishes to be sure that all details are in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, but most often he or she does not know what the deceased wanted. To put down the answers to these questions on paper for the guidance of those left behind is a thoughtful and loving gesture. 

Our directors are available, to meet with you and explain all funeral options and details at your convenience. If you prefer, upon request, one of our directors may also meet with you in the privacy of your home to discuss any arrangements or special requests you may have. 

Prices quoted, unless prepaid in full, will be guaranteed for one full year. If you choose not to pre-pay your arrangements, prices will be in accordance with the current prices at the time of death. 

Cass Funeral Homes strongly recommend that all arrangements be discussed with your close family members for they will be the ones that will need to abide by your wishes, and that they be aware that your arrangements have been entrusted to the funeral home that you have chosen.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to answer any questions you may have. 


There are many advantages to pre-paying ones funeral arrangements, but mainly it is a protection against inflation. It is expected that funeral costs, as with everything else, will double within the next ten years, therefore the advantage of purchasing a funeral that suits both your wishes as well as your budget is important. Once a funeral service is prepaid, you will be guaranteed that your choice of goods and services will be provided AT NO EXTRA COST when the need arises, irregardless of the length of time elapsed between the date the contract was made and the actual date of death. Furthermore, some publicly funded senior’s homes will deduct the value of a client’s pre-arrangement in calculating their monthly fees. 

When prepayment is made at Cass Funeral Homes, a contract is provided and, in compliance with Quebec law, a Trust account is established in the clients name and the funeral homes name jointly. All deposits are fully refundable (upon written request) at any time, including the interest amount corresponding to the accumulated annual consumer price index. In the event a contract is cancelled, funeral homes in the province of Quebec may withhold an administration fee of up to 10% of the contract amount; however, Cass Funeral Homes policy has been to waive this administration charge. Unforeseen charges, such as clergy gratuities, snow removal, cemetery charges etc. will be the responsibility of the estate, and will not be included with the prepaid expenses.

Some individuals are concerned that when travelling away from home the need of a funeral director may arise. Cass Funeral Homes not only has world-wide affiliates, but contingency assistance is available to meet this need.

In order to know more about preplanning and/or prepaying a funeral service, click on the contact button below or call at 819-564-1750 or anywhere in Canada at 1 800-567-6031.