Mary Lemoine Wintle

Book of Memories

Dear family, I am sorry for the loss of your precious mother and wife. Aunt Mary was a such loving person who always made me feel at home when I was in school in Canada and was on holidays. My days in her house are unforgetful, full of love, and good memories. I hope you all find peace soon. Love you all Jenny Stevens
Jenny stevens
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My name is Christopher. I am Nanny Mary's oldest grandson and would like to share a few memories and an observation about family. I'll always remember how my grandmother helped take care of us as we were growing up, and brought the family together for lunches at a restaurant or for photographs. One thing I wanted to do was to learn how to make some of her specialties, so that I could spend time with her and also share them with my family and friends. As I grew up and moved far ...
away, the moments spent together were less and less and shorter and shorter. To me, it’s a somber reminder of cherishing the moments you do have with family because they may always be the last.
Christopher Wintle
Edmonton, Alberta
Some of my best memories are from Christmas. My mother was a really good cook and she made some of the best mincemeat pies and tortieres that I have ever tasted. Also Christmas dinners were good beyond belief, turkey, mashed potatos with all the trimmings. To say that we were spoiled is an understatement...we never knew what it meant to go hungry or not have good food. in retrospect with some maturity we had a good childhood. Rest in Peace Mom.
charles wintle
Montreal, Quebec